Jared & Sarah Engeset

October 20, 2012

About Us


About the Bride

Raised in Beaverdam, Virginia, Sarah spent a lot of time outdoors – camping with the family, trips to the lake and playing softball.  After graduating from James Madison University in 2006, she moved to Arlington and began her career at the NRA.

She is an avid JMU fan and Fantasy Football guru. She loves traveling, cooking and art.

About the Groom

Jared was born and raised in the great state of Washington.  He grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, whether camping/hiking with his family, hunting with his dad, or mountain biking/snowboarding with friends.  After graduating from the University of Washington, he spent a year coaching tennis, baseball and basketball before moving to Washington, DC in 2006.

He is an avid UW and Seahawks fan, fights against the East Coast sports bias daily, and constantly informs people living here what a real mountain looks like by showing them the view from his parent’s house in WA.


How They Met

Sarah and Jared met through a mutual friend.  At first they would only see each other every Wednesday at happy hour. After a few months of these weekly meetings, Jared finally asked Sarah out on a date. It wasn’t until later they discovered that each one of them always made sure they looked their best when getting ready for work on Wednesday.

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